Why the name Health Benefits?

The name of the Initiative, Health Benefits, literally means value added to health. It was formed in the first phase of the Initiative when the focus was put on tourism and the related impact on health, i.e. on the value added to health in tourism.
The second Initiative is dedicated to families whose members live far away from one another and their need to handle various situations that occur due to illness or incapacity. The Initiative does not deal with treatment but serves to provide answers to the questions and issues arising in everyday life in connection with making arrangements for therapy and rehabilitation, cooking and washing services, financing, and assessment of work capacity.
If we were to picture life with an ill or elderly person as an iceberg, then treatment and medication would represent the visible tip of that iceberg, and everything else that awaits us once we leave the medical centers and hospitals would represent the invisible, larger part of the iceberg below the water surface!
So, by successfully handling those invisible life situations, we add value to health!