Which professionals are important for the Initiative?

The Initiative serves to support families whose members live far away from one another and deals with the impact and consequences of illness and old age within families and the interactions between families and institutions!

Apart from the medical staff (physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, lab workers, caretakers, etc.) and professions closely related to health (pharmacists, psychologists, nutritionists, etc.), real life includes numerous other professionals - translators/interpreters and mediators, tax advisors and accountants, architects/designers and engineers, service providers/handymen of various profiles, lawyers and notaries, social workers and public servants. Cleaning staff and neighbors who are at hand and ready to help are unjustifiably named at the end of the list. They, in fact, have a key role. We will therefore devote particular attention and program sections to them!

It is impossible to list all situations, i.e. all professionals for which the need may arise during one's lifetime. We have no intention of providing a comprehensive list of professionals, but we will maintain on our website a list of professionals already within our network, and we will update it to include the newly hired ones.