What about multidisciplinarity?

Multidisciplinarity is the exchange of information among professionals from various fields working together on a single problem.

Example 1: A tank containing a toxic substance has rolled over in a car accident. The police are regulating the traffic and the firefighters are clearing the place of the accident. Medical teams are checking the condition of the persons found near the place of the accident. Laboratory workers are analyzing the scope and type of contamination. Sanitary inspectors are prescribing protection and prevention measures. All of them know which toxic substance is in question and all of them are working to prevent the consequences of the accident.

Example 2: You have found yourself in a situation where your teeth need to be substituted by a prosthesis. If your teeth have not all fallen out, the dentist must pull them out. The dentist will assess whether your gums are ready to embrace the prosthesis and will make an impression. The dental technician will then make the prosthesis that you like and that functions well in the dental lab.