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This page may resemble a forum:

  • The basic functions are looking for answers and asking questions.
  • It is possible to share experiences and comment on posts.

However, there are three big differences to common forums:

  • Our team is actively looking for answers to interesting questions.
  • The answers of foreign experts are being translated!
  • Many questions will be answered live, online, in meetings, lectures and jour-fixes!

How to use this page?


  • Questions, suggestions and comments should be submitted in one of ten categories.
  • Entry is possible in one of the forms of already open questions, or...
  • You are allowed to enter a new question that suits your personal need.
  • If you can't find your way, there is a link to our e-mail at the bottom of the page.


  • In search of an answer, we correspond for you with experts and institutions of various professions and occupations! If necessary across borders!
  • You will receive a response notification to your e-mail.