Selling Health

This practice orientated seminar targets Healthcare Professionals, who want to present their organisation, products, ideas, offers or projects convincingly and increase selling successes remarkable.

2 days


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Present yourself convincingly and increase selling successes remarkable!

Especially during the last years, the awareness for their own health arouse and changed. Due to enormous changes within the health system plus upcoming reductions of the health insurances in regards of a wide range of services more and more people try to strengthen their health with private add-on services and healthy products. Patients are ready to pay for services not paid or provided from health insurances. Are you ready to sell them?
The seminar makes your personal behaviour preferences transparent for you and shows opportunities, strengths and limitations of the individual. Knowing this, participants will be able to address the needs of clients/patients much better and can adapt their selling- and communication strategy individually. Clients and patients will understand the advantages you are offering to them easier and are ready to accept them.

Target Audience

This very practise orientated seminar targets sales orientated Healthcare Professionals like doctors, self-dispensing doctors, assistants as well as other people working in healthcare business like pharmacists and responsible persons in sales of hospitals or other health institutions, who want to present their organisation, products, ideas, offers or projects convincingly and increase selling successes remarkable.

Number of participants

Maximum: 12 persons
Minimum: 6 persons

Learning success

After the seminar, you know your own behaviour preferences and patterns in communication and sales.
You are clear in the background of different manners of communication and sales and they are firmly in mind. You reap the benefits of this knowledge and have a clear strategy in communication/sales suitable to your personality.
You recognize the needs of your customers/patients and can respond to them in an aimed way.
You know how to proceed psychologically correct and to argue.
After the seminar, you also know how to increase your personal effectiveness.

Own personality profile


Already before the start of the seminar we will create your personality profile according to DiSG.
During the seminar, you will discover your own behaviour preferences and the different types of personalities of others. At the same time, we will pay attention in comparing your self-perception with interpersonal perception. Defining the own strengths, opportunities and limitations coming out during these days will define your communication strategies in handling patients/clients. This builds the basis of further activities during the training and we discuss elements of strategic sales and the language behind. Connected with that is the way of adequate psychological proceeding. You will also learn which arguments for which personalities are the best to set. During the seminar, you will work out your individual sales and patient conversations to make an effective client/patient management easier for you.

Learning methods

Setting up your own personality profile (online / PC supported; about 1 week before the seminar begins as preparation).
Optimum combination of: interactive presentations, case studies (also as video), reports based on experiences, reflection, group work, feedback, single work, questions and answers, discussion.

Specialised in health branch

High expertise

Your advantages

Our trainings are designed in a way, that teams will never be too big, individual assessment of needs of the participants is possible at any time during the course. The high expertise of our instructors and trainers in managing group dynamics ensure the customers goal and result orientation.
In our seminars, we pay high attention to sustainability of the learned, which we reach by working with case studies from participants. To challenge the participants even after the seminar or training course and to motivate them to apply the acquired knowledge actively we offer special service for follow up. These include inter alia exercises, personal hotline, webinars, feedback, mailing hints…