Increasing Sales in Cross-border Healthcare

The possibility alone does not create customers!

2,5 days


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Sell your services effectively and efficiently!

This seminar provides skills and knowledge vital to successful sales and distribution in the field of international health travel. Learn in this seminar how to win patients and healthcare travelers structured and systematically and to sell your services effectively and efficiently across borders.

Target Audience

  • Hospital Senior Managers
  • Healthcare travel facilitators
  • Travel agents and bus companies
  • International care coordinators
  • Support staff in hospitals, clinics, private medical and dental offices, spas
  • Hospitality professionals

Number of participants

Maximum: 15 persons
Minimum: 6 persons

Learning success

After the seminar, you will be able to:

  • List the major factors driving cross border healthcare today;
  • Recognize key issues of cross border healthcare;
  • Have insight and in-depth knowledge in sales management cross border healthcare;
  • Use management tools, which specifically promote sales of health services;
  • Apply effective tools for successful key account management;
  • Realize ideas for increasing efficiency of the sales team;
  • Improve your leadership skills.


Sales and distribution in health care business
– Steps to breaking into sales in cross border healthcare
– How can you position and brand your services to compete effectively!
– Sales management in the health care industry
– Key account management
– Strategy and strategy tools


Leadership and Management
– Difference between leadership and management
– Team development and team leadership
– Coaching as a guiding element
– Managing objectives for Sales People
– Performance review
– Dealing with conflict and difficult customers.

Learning methods

Optimum combination of: interactive presentations, case studies, reports based on experiences, reflection, group work, feedback, single work, questions and answers, discussion, role-plays.

Your advantages

Our trainings are designed in a way that individual assessment of needs of the participants is possible at any time during the course.
We pay high attention to sustainability of the learned, which we reach by working with case studies from participants. To challenge the participants even after the seminar or training course and to motivate them to apply the acquired knowledge actively we offer special service for follow up. These include inter alia exercises, personal hotline, webinars, feedback, mailing hints, etc.
Special offer for on-site training: Following the training, we will prepare a report containing actionable steps for senior management to improve their medical tourism services.

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