Help! My doctor doesn’t talk to me

The time available for patients at the doctor’s office can not be always unfortunately influenced. But, it is more important best to use the time we have.

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Your time with your doctor

Many patients complain that their doctors don’t talk to them. Often patients don’t feel taken seriously or understood. Do you feel the same?
If yes – your feeling’s right: according to empirical studies patients rarely can not address their concerns in a medical talk: about 50% of the patients problems are unspoken or not taken up by the doctor.
Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words in a dialogue with your own doctor. Most people are not prepared for any diseases and talking about your own suffering is not easy.
Pressure of time, excitement, new information that need to be handled. Unfortunately you leave the waiting room too often with questions in your head or uncertainty.
We, the patients, cannot always influence the time we were given at the doctor. That makes it even more important to use the time that we have the best we can.
In this lecture you learn what you on your own can do to make the best out of the short time you were given for a dialogue. You get tips and tricks how you can control the conversation with your doctor in your interest.

Target Audience

People who are fed up of being left behind with their questions and requests by our healthcare system.

Number of participants

Minimum 8, Maximum 24