The difficult customer is buying

Learn to identify the needs of your customers!

2 days


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Learn to identify the needs of your customers

Appropriate qualified selling staff try to convince overstimulated and often distracted doctors or purchasers of products. The employees that score are those, who recognize the needs of the customer quickly and who can offer and sell their products purposefully even in uncomfortable situations.

Target Audience

Employees from the medical technology sector who work in the sales department and want to increase their success rate for difficult customers.

Number of participants

Maximum 12
Minimum 6


Every purchaser of medical technology products has his own preference of behaviour and patterns of reaction.
This training gives insight and understanding for the different customer motivations and buying needs as well as their buying style.
Typical behaviour patterns from the perspective of your self-perception and perception of the others will be pointed out. By observing the conversation partner and his mode of expression, the participants learn how to recognize critical behaviour and to (re)act professional. The training helps to get rid of fear and frustration caused by difficult customers and to increase the efficiency of conversations.

Learning methods

Optimal combination of: interactive lecturing, conversation practice, progress reports, reflection, group work, feedback, single work, discussion, video, exercises about the perception of yourself and others at a buying and selling behaviour.