Course Pharma Product Management

Certified course addressing the needs of product managers in the pharmaceutical industry. This course is performed in German. Simultaneous interpreting is planned and possible.

6 days. The order of the modules can be freely selected and depending on the occupational exposure – are possible to complete within 2 to 12 months.


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Module 1:

“Access to the healthcare market”

Module 2:

“Product management in pharma”

Pharma Marketing in a radical move

New target groups in health care such as organs of self-government, ambulatory group practices and collaborative networks of pharmacies and hospitals, as well as a new self-understanding of the patients change the health care market.
The individual doctor loses in decision-making autonomy regarding the selection and prescription of drugs more and more. Self-restrictions imposed by the pharmaceutical industry upon increasingly stringent codes of conduct require new approaches in pharmaceutical marketing.

Target Audience

  • Professionals and executives in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of product management, marketing, sales and Health Policy
  • Medical Managers who wish to build knowledge in pharmaceutical marketing
  • Young executives who want to gain an overview of product management
  • Junior Product Manager and Newcomer
  • Brand and Key Account Manager
  • Market Access Manager

Number of participants

Maximum: 15 persons

Learning success

  • You will expand your knowledge of the new “customers” of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • You will receive strategies and skills to become a system partner and service provider in health care.
  • You will learn marketing tools designed for the new orientation in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • You gain proficiency for access to the healthcare market
  • You will learn to optimize the interface management and to position yourself clearly in the company.
  • You get experience in dealing with the balance between operational and strategic tasks.


The qualification of the course participants will be set through a project thesis. The project thesis – after consultation with the Course Guidance Service – can provide, for example, the presentation and processing of a specific product or marketing problem of their own company as well as the development of practical solutions. The scope of the project thesis usually includes 20 – 30 pages.


For all modules, a term paper is obligatory. Term paper and project thesis are examination performances, the student must submit in specific subject areas to go for a diploma.

Content overview “Access to the healthcare market”

Actual, compact portrait of the healthcare business.
Pharma Marketing and Brands.
Key account management for pharmaceutical product manager
Market Access
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Content overview “Product management in pharma”

The pharmaceutical product manager as an all-rounder
Profit-driven support of existing pharmaceutical products
Preparing and understanding marketing plan and activities
Ways of Working
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The new Key Accounts

Your advantages

This extra occupational course takes place in cooperation with the Sales Manager Academy and the study centre Hohewarte and is attested by a diploma.

High expertise

Real case studies