Attract and care for health-seeking tourists

This training is specifically designed to prepare staff to provide VIP customer care to guests who are receiving health and wellness treatments as well as their accompanying guests.

2 days


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Prepare staff to provide VIP customer care!

The number of people traveling outside their home countries to receive medical and dental care is growing. For the tourism industry, this trend represents opportunities and challenges.
Healthcare oriented tourism guests require an added level of customer care to be delivered. Learn in this training how you can enlarge this customer care and attract more guests.

Target Audience

Responsible persons in tourism, tourist offices.
Senior management of hotels, resorts, wellness centres, and spas
Staff members of hotels, resorts, wellness centres, and spas

Number of participants

Maximum: 25 persons
Minimum: 6 persons

Learning success

After the course, the staff is prepared to provide specialised services to guests who are receiving health and wellness treatments.
Each participant will be able to:
Recognize and respond to cultural differences in customer care and use different communication skills adapted to different guests.
Know about requirements of medical tourists.


Introduction to health care across the borders and health-seeking tourists
How to handle differences in culture
Providing specialised customer care for medical tourists and accompanying persons
Communication skills
Managing guest´s expectations.

Learning methods

Optimum combination of: interactive presentations, case studies, reports based on experiences, reflection, group work, feedback, single work, questions and answers, discussion, scenario trainings.

Your advantages

Our training is designed in the way that individual assessment of the needs of the participants is possible at any time during the course.
We pay high attention to the sustainability of the learned, which we reach by working with case-studies from participants. To challenge the participants even after the seminar or training course and to motivate them to apply the acquired knowledge actively we offer special service for follow up. These include inter alia exercises, personal hotline, webinars, feedback, mailing hints, etc.
Special offer for on-site training: Following the training, we will prepare a report containing actionable steps for senior management to improve their services regarding healthcare across the border.

Specialized in Cross border healthcare

Measurable Results

High Expertise